Girlfriend's Mom Caught Me Jerking Off on Her Bed

"My girlfriend's mom caught me jerking off on her bed. My girlfriend's bed that is, not my girlfriend's mom's bed - that would be weird. Anyway, I was staying with them for the weekend and my girlfriend Jenny had to go out to her piano lesson. While she was out I took a shower and was relaxing on her bed naked and daydreaming about the previous night. As I thought about Jenny's sexy body and hot little tits my cock began to rise and I started to slowly stroke it.

"I have to admit, I was in a world of my own with my eyes closed and my throbbing cock standing hard and erect as I stroked it. I was so far gone I didn't even hear the steps coming upstairs. The first thing I knew was when the door burst open and Jenny's mom walked in. I think she was more shocked than I was but her shock soon turned to amusement and before I knew it she had called her two friends in to have a look.

Jerking Off on Her Bed

Jenny's Mom Caught Me Jerkin - Watch Here

"I was obviously seriously embarrassed to be caught jerking off by my girlfriend's mom and even more embarrassed to have her two friends there laughing at me. But for some reason my cock remained hard as rock. Noticing this, the three women moved towards me and Jenny's mom reached out and grabbed my swollen tool. I couldn't believe I was being jerked off by my girlfriend's mom!"

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