My Step Sisters Caught Me Jerking Off to Porn

This video reminds me of the day my step sisters caught me jerking off to porn in my room. My three step sisters are all a few years older than me and we had only been living in the same house for a few months. I found it awkward to suddenly have three teenage girls going about the house half naked. They would often catch me looking at them and I'd go bright red and try to hide my boner!

One day I thought I had the house to myself so I dug out my stash of porn videos and was happily jerking off on my bed. I'd put some music on to cover any noises in case anyone came home. In hindsight I should have realised this would also prevent me from hearing anyone else in the house!

Jerking Off to Porn

Caught by Step Sisters - Watch Here

You can imagine how surprised I was when I looked up to find my three step sisters standing in the doorway. They acted shocked at first too - but they told me later they had planned the whole thing. As I sat there naked and embarrassed with my cock shrinking rapidly the eldest sister came over to me and sat on the edge of the bed. She told me that they had all seen me looking at them and that they didn't mind at all. In fact, they said that if they made me hard I should just tell them and they would be happy to help me out!

I was stunned. But my cock began to stiffen again. I was now surrounded by all three sisters. In one coordinated movement they all moved their hands forward and began stroking my cock and balls. As I felt the three girls' hands jerking my cock and squeezing my balls I was in heaven. My cock felt harder than it had ever been before. I wish it could have lasted longer but after only a couple of minutes I was spraying jets of thick white cum all over the girls' hands.

As I said, this video reminds me of that day when my step sisters caught me jerking off to porn. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did. You can download the full video now on this link...

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